dear reader

Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading

Rainer Maria Rilke

    • Eighth Day of Advent
      Keep on rolling as fast as you can go ! The further you push it, the more you’ll have to show. See! it’s getting larger ! Push with all your might ! Wait a little longer, – Won’t it be a sight ! From ‘Oh Dear Oh Look at the Snow’ by Jack Frost, published … Read more
    • Seventh Day of Advent
      At last the day of the grand dinner-party arrived, and the guests all assembled, in good spirits, with keen appetites for the feast. Never had so many sleek, well-dressed dogs met together before, and the variety of their coats and countenances was very striking. from Cock Robin’s Picture Book printed in colours by Kronheim & … Read more
    • Sixth Day of Advent
      From “Father Christmas’ ABC” published by F. Warne & Co., 1894, illustrated by Alfred J. Johnson.  
    • Fifth Day of Advent
      The earth, in colours brown and gray, Seems to forget to lure the sunbeam’s ray, And bathed in shadow, loves the shrouding mist, That cometh silently, and having kissed The hill-crest, and the valley, fades from sight. From ‘Christmas Joy and Peace’ by Dora Ross, published by the Religious Tract Society, 1897   The Religious … Read more
    • Fourth Day of Advent
      The children had been up early in the morning, and beginning to roll a snowball about they very soon saw that at every roll they gave it got bigger and bigger, and at last got so big just by the cottage door that they couldn’t move it, and then it stood right in the way, … Read more